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Discretion & Privacy

Communication and screening

Any personal information you provide is handled with the utmost discretion and deleted once you have been verified.

A discreet peek

After our first meeting, should things go well, I offer texting packages and would love to talk more with you, provided you do not abuse this courtesy.

If we bump into each other in public

I am a private person who appreciates discretion. Please do not approach me if you see me in public. I could be with friends or family and it could cause an uncomfortable situation for all of us. Even if I look like I am alone, I may not be. If I see you in public, I will never approach you or otherwise make it known that we are aquatinted, even if you appear to be alone, for the very same reasons. Thank you for understanding.

Preferred forms of contact

Please make initial contact via email: If your message is respectful and reasonable, you will generally receive a reply that day or the next.

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