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I expect all payments be handled discretely, immediately upon meeting, and without request. I won’t hesitate to initiate this discussion, but it does detract greatly from the beginning of an encounter. If we are meeting in public, please place it in a gift bag or large paper envelope.


I take great care of my hygiene and appearance, and put in maximum effort for our date. I expect the same in return from the people I choose to meet.


I expect courteous and respectful behavior at all times. If I feel my consent, safety, or comfort are under threat during our time together, I reserve the right to end our date immediately without a refund.

Alcohol and substance use

I occasionally enjoy drinking socially with my friends, however I am not a ‘party girl’, so I will discontinue our time together without refund if you become overly intoxicated or are under the influence of any illicit substances.

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